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Real Estate Education that is Supportive Collaborative most importantly Doable! 

Post License

Continuing Education

How We Roll

100% Supportive

Florida Real Estate Concepts are not always easy.  You will have questions.  You may need things repeated. You will need practice opportunities.  That's exactly why Florida Real Estate Camp is here.  Beyond answering questions, reinforcing content and providing practice opportunities...we connect with our students to provide full support!


Real People answer our phones, and emails.  When you need us, we are right here to help you! 


Bring your beautiful brain to enrich this experience.  Do not expect to be lectured. Camp is all about working together to build you up! 


We promise to bring you a wide open opportunity to succeed.  Successful Completion means gaining a Florida Real Estate Camp Certificate, needed to apply for the State Exam.

Your Investment 

Sales Associate Pre License


Officially, it is the Sales Associate Pre License Course.  If you are committed to starting a Real Estate Career to earn compensation, this is your course! (Instructor Led & Online)

See Requirements

Supportive Collaborative Doable

Broker's Pre License


Mandatory  Broker's Pre License Real Estate Course.  This course is for you if, you have held a current and valid real estate sales associate's license for at least 24 months and want to advance your Real Estate Career by becoming a Broker.   (Instructor Led Online)

Supportive Collaborative Doable

Exam Prep


Access to Instructors, Online Resources and  Classes while you prep for your State License Exam. 

Supportive Collaborative Doable

Collaborative Approach

YOur Content

DEARBORN PARTNERSHIP - Our Partnership with Dearborn Publishing Company means your course is completely packed with Florida State Bench Marks.  Books are provided with your course purchase.  

Ways TO Complete 

Courses are offered Twice a Month with Blended(Online + In Class) Learning Opportunities. Due to COVID-19 classes sizes are small and masks are worn to decrease potential spreading.  We also broadcast to those with an Internet Connection.  Either way, once you enroll in Florida Real Estate Camp you are making a commitment to yourself to complete your Pre Licensed State Requirement.  

EXAm Prep

We are not allowed to say that your Pre License Course is the same as EXAM PREP.  What you need to understand is, your Pre License course is completely separate from the Pre License Education.  However, you get access to Exam Prep for FREE. (After you pass the end of course Exam)


Direct Access to Industry Experts to give you a birds eye view of what's going on right now in your local Real Estate Market.  Get questions answered and gain clarity about your launch into Real Estate! 

Let's get the darn thing Done


The Florida Real Estate Path to License is tricky.  However, it is so Doable.  Florida Real Estate Camp will guide you every step of the way.  If you meet the Florida Real Estate requirements, and want to break  into the Real Estate Industry... Bring your Commitment to Camp!  Yes! That will be you placing for Sale Signs around town.

Located in Orlando 

Conveniently Located in Orlando at 771 S. Kirkman Rd. Suite 110. This is a community based business in the Heart of Orlando.