Florida Real Estate Camp is your best choice for Real Estate Eduction. Located in Orlando Florida, we welcome all Floridians. Classes are offered in a friendly down to earth way.  We are not pretentious and want everyone to have the best experience. Therefore, we deliver the course in a down to earth, fun, upbeat manner!    

Core Values


Everything we do is because of you. Our main goal is to ensure you knock down this Course, and get everything you need to sit for your State Exam.   


This is exactly why we use the best resources, combined with best people to deliver an Educational Camp that is flexible to your needs. 


With your Commitment and Dedication to the Process, nothing will stop you! We help you, Do It!

Our Instructors

All your Instructors have been in your position.  We are all Licensed Real Estate Professionals.  Therefore, we know exactly what it takes to be successful.  We will show you the ropes and steer you in the right direction.  

profile pict

Cher Hamilton

Lead Instructor

A professional Instructor beyond Real Estate.  Cher is a Respiratory Therapist and currently teach Life Support courses to fellow Medical Professionals.  Topics can change, but her philosophy never will.  Find ways to help others and your life will be good.  Cher is dedicated to helping you!    

Ron Hamilton


Ron is a local Broker and fills in whenever Florida Real Estate Camp Calls on him. Ron is very technical and when it comes to computations and Math you will want him near by. We've got him.